Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas 2010 - Disney Day 4

Our last day, we started out at Hollywood Studios so that we could catch Toy Story Midway Mania. It was Heather's first time to ride it and we had a blast. After Studios, we headed to Animal Kingdom.


 Heather and I had everyone laughing hysterically on Expedition Everest. She started out just screaming bloody murder. The second ride, we were in the front cart and decided to be overly dramatic. We leaned over the side, looking back towards everyone on the ride and started "crying" for our mom and dad. It was fun and completely uncharacteristic of either of us.

 We had a little adventure at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. We had made advanced dining reservations and we made our reservation during the time where you get VIP seating at Finding Nemo - The Musical. Being allergic to watermelon, I usually keep an eye out when we are eating at buffets but seeing as how watermelon is not in season right now, Heather checked the fruit bowl for me and we moved on. There was no watermelon in it at first but I went up for seconds and they were bringing out a new bowl of fruit. Lo and behold, a bowl with watermelon. Ick. Instant allergic reaction. Long story short, I took my benedryl shot and requested a wheelchair so that I wouldn't pass out somewhere on Heather. The manager comped our meal and wheeled me to first aid where they gave me another dose of benedryl. After sitting at first aid for a bit, we headed to get our seats at Finding Nemo. I was so dopey and couldn't help but take a nap while we waited for the show to start. After Nemo, we caught the Festival of the Lion King before we left Animal Kingdom.

We went back to the resort, napped, and re-bundled for our final night. It was extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom and we wanted to get a bit more magic in before our vacation ended.
 I also got to hang out with one of my friends from my College Program, Chris. He worked with me in Tomorrowland during summer 2008 and was finishing up his second CP as a front desk worker at Boardwalk.

We did several rides, including Peter Pan and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. On BTMR, I threw up my hands at the beginning of the ride and my new watch caught on my jacket, came unlatched and flew off my wrist. I had it all of 2 days. HA

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  1. Even though it was cold, it looks like it was a great time!! I love their tree!