Friday, August 9, 2013

3 years ago today I showed up at BAE systems for my first day of work. 
I had been told it was an office job but when I got there they asked me where my "tools" were. Much to my surprise, and absolute terror, I was hired to be a scaffold builder. I remember taking a deep breathe as I strapped on a borrowed harness and tool belt and made my first trek onto a ship. I was in a completely different place in life than i ever expected, scared to death of the unknown and still trying to keep up a front that everything in my life was "ok". 

Though I had no idea why God had places me there at the time, He showed me how much of a blessing in disguise it was. It didn't provide much financially but it provided enough. I learned I was physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stronger than I ever realized, I fell in love with boats, I learned about skilled shipyard trades and terms which helped me get the job I have today and I met a blue eyed, blond haired, gentle hearted JP. I think the first thing he ever said to me, weeks after I met him, was that he could tell I was struggling and whatever it was he would be praying for me and that "His grace is sufficient". So thankful for a Father who gives unlimited amounts of strength and for learning "it's ok to not be ok". 

Transparency is so much easier than keeping up a front and didn't make me weak, it made me realize the magnitude of His love and grace.