Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For me

I have intended to blog for so long... but when it came down to sit down and actually write I didn't know what to say, where to begin, or if I should even bother. For the last time I put off blogging simply because I don't have a computer and blogging from my phone isn't the easiest. I now have an android tablet, which I absolutely LOVE, so I lost a huge chunk of my excuse. But ultimately it's for me, not for anyone else. So here I am! :-)

When I did blog, I took more pictures and I could actually remember what I did with my days( or what months). I honestly have no idea where 2012 has disappeared to, ha!

I have been at my new job for a little over 2 months. I like the people I work with and the basic jest of my join. I worked as a recruiter under our corporate office in Jacksonville for the first month. During that time I rent like the guinea pig. :-) I was the first full-time recruiter working at the  branch level, so it took them a while to figure out what the wanted me to do or how they want me to do it. I rent like a definite yo yo. I now work as a branch employee. I actually like it better. Before I was a corporate member sitting in the branch. Now I actually feel like I am more a part of the team. The only problem is that his the corporate recruiters view me as competition. From my understanding, they eventually want to do all recruiting it of the branch so if I succeed then their books are at stake. Recruiting from a branch level is much more effective than doing all of their recruiting out of a call center. I just don't know that I am cut throat enough to succeed at this as a career...  but I have been praying for contentment and for a better attitude. I know God brought me to the job for a reason. I think the hardest thing for me is that my work does not get to speak for itself. My success and income is dependent entirely on other people - whether they accept the job, site up to test, pass the test and go to work. Thankfully I do have a livable salary and I am not dependent on my hire compensations. I'm learning less of lessons in faith and patience too. :-)