Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello There, 2015

Somehow this post has been sitting as a draft for a month. I think it was because I was going to add pictures. Who knows? 

2014 was such a wonderful year for us. It was not perfect by any means and it definitely had some rough patches but it really was a very blessed year. We moved to Mississippi, which was returning home for me. We both got jobs that we really enjoy. We had a smooth pregnancy and delivery of our sweet baby girl. The last few weeks of 2014 were spent enjoying the best Christmas present we ever could have asked for, as well as traveling to Louisiana and Alabama to spend time with family. 

Last weekend, we drove to Louisiana to spend time with my grandmother and my dad's siblings. It was Ann Rainey's first time out of Mississippi and her first time in the car for an extended period of time and she was great! Sunday was Ann Rainey's first time in church. But this wasn't just any church. This was the church my dad and his siblings grew up in, where my granddaddy was pastor for many, many years, the church where I was baptized by granddaddy, where so many precious people identify me as a Clegg as soon as I walk through the door. Granddaddy was very much missed today. I can still hear his voice preaching, talking about sports and woodwork and singing Jesus Loves Me in multiple languages every night before we went to bed. I know he would have had AR in his arms, proudly introducing her to everyone, including taking her up to the pulpit and formally letting everyone meet his first great grandchild.

Sunday afternoon JP, Ann Rainey and I went to New Orleans to see my oldest sister, Rachel. It was rainy and nasty out so we ended up just spending a few hours at the zoo and going back to Rachel's apartment for dinner before heading home.

We were supposed to go to Gadsden for Christmas with JP's mom and his brother's family Wednesday through Sunday but ended up going Monday night through Thursday night so JP could be back to work for Friday morning. This trip was longer but she still did such a great job on the ride there and back. 

Ann Rainey and I spent the time trying to unpack, tackle several things on my to do list and straighten the house. But my biggest priority has just been spending time with her. I go back to work tomorrow and I am not ready for it at all. We haven't established a sleeping schedule whatsoever. She usually falls into a good sleep around midnight and will sleep anywhere from 3-5 hours. And I have NO idea how in the world I am going to get up and get both of us ready to go out the door. I feel like I've struggled to get anywhere on time despite trying to establish a routine the last several weeks. Ha! Any tips in that area would be greatly appreciated. I know the first few weeks will be the hardest. I am already prepared to have an emotional breakdown after I drop her off at daycare in the morning. And I know I have a mountain of work to tackle when I get back to work, so I am hoping that will make the time pass quickly.

Here's to 2015 and settling into our new "normal" as a little family. Praying your 2015 will be overflowing with blessings!