Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Production entrance

I am in my second week of this movie. It will be over before I know it. Not sure how I feel about that. I don't like contract work at all but those are typically the best paying jobs. IF I do work another movie I am hoping to work with an actual production crew team. In this industry education and experience don't seem to matter. "It's all about who you know, not what you know."
I'll be moving in the next couple of weeks. I have until the end of April to move out of my little midtown manor. I'll be moving into a 1 bedroom apartment on the other side of town. Away from downtown, within walking distance of the studio and in a safer part of town. I am most excited about space and upgrades. My house is do little and has nothing in the way of storage, especially in the kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, I will never take dishwashers or double sinks for granted again. This whole single sink and no countertop business killed my "don't go to bed with the kitchen dirty" habit. Ha. On a bright note, I got off work an hour early yesterday and when I got to my house to get ready for date night Tuesday Justin was sitting on my couch, my kitchen was completely cleaned and Nemo's litter box cleaned. I SO appreciate the little things. :-) It was such a relief and breathe of fresh air.


  1. Have I missed something? Have you moved to LA and are working in the entertainment industry now?!? Wow!!!

  2. It's been to long since your last update. Want to hear about your new job. Love ya