Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moving on Up

..Or over... or just plain old transferring.

It went through! I will be moving to Hollywood Studios. I am excited for so many reasons. I LOVE Studios - which is what I will refer to it as since it is still MGM in my heart but I am forever getting corrected that the name has changed. Believe me, I KNOW they changed the name... but that doesn't mean I have to accept it. haha.

I will miss Tomorrowland and the people that I work with there but I truly believe that the good outweighs the bad in this situation. And God truly opened up the door for me to transfer. Unfortunately, I will not be working in Merchandise anymore. I will be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage. On the bright side, I get paid more and the shifts are shorter. :)

I am glad that I will be leaving when all of my ICP's leave. That means I won't have to work in Tomorrowland without my favorite Chinese girls. We are planning a trip to Miami for next weekend which should be an adventure in and of itself.

The details of my yesterday will have to wait for another day because I have to finish getting ready for work. So for my one reader ;) be looking for the details of yesterday.

7 Reasons Not To Spray Perfume On A Bus

(the events of Saturday) 
1) The person sitting next to you might be allergic
2) Their face might turn purple, they might start to itch all over and they might have trouble breathing
3) Yeah, the guys with the alpha unit might be nice but seriously, who wants to be hooked up to their oxygen machine or heart monitor?
4)Some random man might take a picture of the person who had the allergic reaction while she is hooked up to said machines.
5)The person who had the allergic reaction will have to leave work early and only get to stay for 2 hours of their 9 hour shift. In some cases this might be a good thing but when 5.5 of the 7 hours they missed out on would have been overtime and you calculate how much money was lost... it is NOT a good thing.
6)Poor person with the allergic reaction spent hours laying on the couch with no energy to eat, drink, etc... and eventually ended up throwing up. Yuck
7)Your perfume smelled worse than old lady perfume. Why were you wearing it anyway?

Saturday morning I took the A bus as usual to West Clock parking lot and then got on the Disney VIP Cast Member bus to go to where we clock in. A Chinese girl sitting next to me sprayed her perfume and I asked her to stop. Honestly, I don't think she understood what I was asking because she just laughed and said, "ah, nah nah". She continued to spray it a few more time and then put it up. My face started to itch really bad and then my arms and legs. The 3 minute ride felt like it was 30 minutes. When I got off the bus I headed straight for the Tomorrowland base and clocked in. I figured that once I was out of the bus and breathing in different, clean air that I would be ok. Not the case... My friend Kimberly came up to me and basically dragged me to the manager's office stating that my face was turning purple. At this point I hadn't looked in a mirror and I realized that I was having trouble breathing. So I told the managers what happened and they called the Alpha Unit(Disney's version of paramedics because it sounds less startling to guests). The came about 5 minutes later, gave me some medicine, hooked me up to an oxygen machine and heart monitor. And so there I sat at the base where every Tomorrowland person could see me as they passed by, clocked in, or went on break - no privacy at all. They had me hooked up for who knows how long and during this time some of the head Tomorrowland managers(not just my merch managers) and some of the head Magic Kingdom bigwigs came and checked on me. Quite possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life but THEN it got worse, some random man came and took my picture while I was sitting there miserable and hooked up to the machines. They offered to let me go home but I told them I wanted to atleast try and work. Unfortunately the medicine was making me super sleepy so I eventually went home. And proceeded to lay on the couch and watch the Love Comes Softly movies from about 2pm until who knows when. I will not go into details about the actually "getting sick" part. Sadly enough, I felt slightly better and was so exhausted so I finally fell asleep. Sunday morning I slept in and felt SOOO much better. So there are the details of my lovelySaturday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Facts of Life

I have really enjoyed the last two days. Yesterday was spent playing in the parks(Epcot and Hollywood Studios) with different friends and Trevor coming and going. I spent the whole day with Chelsea, one of the girls I work with and we had a GREAT time.
Today Ime and I ran errands and ended our afternoon at Sam's. I LOVE shopping at Sam's. Buying in bulk makes things so much easier and it is especially good down here because it is MUCH cheaper than paying for things in smaller quantities elsewhere. I spent my evening cleaning house and trying to ignore the loud music from the apartment below. I decided to get away from the apartment and walked to the gym to workout for a bit. The music was still going when I got back and considering things were "walking" the coffee table because of the bass I finally called the gate and complained. I hate doing it but it was obnoxiously loud(as in I could hear it over the dishwasher and TV) and it had been going on for 4 hours. Thankfully, the music has stopped and my head has stopped throbbing.

While I cleaned and created the layouts that are posted below I watched this:

I haven't watched this show in AGES. :) I love it and I appreciate it in a whole new light from when I was younger. And now for the layouts... I was kind of worried about them but I really think they turned out well! Let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Trip Home

The Trip Home

Myself and D'Lynn - Poppa called us "mini-me and maxi-me" all weekend and she loved it! When we came into the living room and surprised all of them, she immediately jumped in my arms and literally didn't let go for almost an hour.

Josh and Caleb(aka Peanut) - These boys are a handful, mess, etc... But I love them and their craziness, young-boy-ness. Weren't they precious in their tuxes?!

Winnie will forever be baby Moses in my eyes. She has been baby Moses to the entire family since I stuck her in my mom's plastic sewing basket and floated her in the filled bathtub. No harm done, she was safe in the basket and she loved the attention. Yes, I thought she was my very own live babydoll when she was born. =) But she is growing up into a young lady, which is exciting and scary at the same time.

Rae and Honey - Rachel and I managed to snag some time together this weekend, which I am really glad of. :)
Honey finally got married and she will be back tomorrow from their mini-honeymoon.

I am exceedingly tired but not sleepy. Back to work and "the real world" tomorrow at the wonderful world of Disney. Magic Kingdom here I come. I am refreshed from our lovely weekend at home and it has renewed a feeling for us to embrace the months we have here before we return to the place that will always claim "home" in our hearts.
Kit name: Cinnamon Toast

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well, Honey said that people actually read my blog... and that some of these readers thought that the "news" was that I was pregnant. Now that the surprise has actually occurred I can correct that.

The excitement was over getting plane tickets to come to Jackson for Honey's wedding tomorrow. Trevor and I flew in yesterday afternoon and Poppa picked us up. He was the only person who knew we were coming so it was a big surprise to everyone else(or atleast I am going to keep believing that we pulled off the surprise perfectly).

So we are home until Sunday morning when we will be flying back to Orlando.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting Creative

I bought a simple black dress last week. Since then I have bought beads and have been "jazzing it up". I am actually quite happy with the results so far. I usually have alot of creative ideas but rarely follow through with them. I rewarded myself yesterday for it too. =)

I sold some clothes that I rarely wear at Plato's closet Yes, I brought clothes with me to Florida knowing I rarely wear them. I brought them with two motives - 1) hoping to lose weight and fit into them 2) thinking I might wear some of the shirts in light of the lovely Florida weather. I have lost the weight but I don't like the way the shorts fit and the shirts aren't that comfortable. So I created some room in my closet by clearing them out and added some "fun money" to my wallet.

After leaving Plato's Closet, I drove around the rest of the shopping center and found a hole-in-the-wall shoe store. I found shoes that match my beads going on my dress perfectly. They are so cute and so comfortable! AND they were on sale so I got them for $10. =) Now I have a cute outfit in case a special occasion comes up. 

Work has been pretty good. I got a migraine a few days ago and got an Early Release but other than that it has been good. I love the people I work with and closing makes time pass so much faster. Sadly, I like the park best once the guests leave. It's a completely different atmosphere and the hours feel like minutes in a good way. But I do love when the guests are there too.

I have been getting some short shifts. They are nice because I go in at 4 or 5 and get off around midnight or 1. It is so nice because I love being home and having the majority of my day to do as I please. BUT the downside is that I am not getting many hours in for the week. They say it will get better once all the seasonal people leave at the end of the summer. We shall see.