Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preparing for cooler temps

My landlord came and replaced my gas heater last week. I have a fireplace but unfortunately they have it blocked off at the top. So the gas heater and I are going to be really good friends this winter.
This is my original heater. 

 It was ancient but fit the house's character.
This is the new one. And I am not going to lie. It looks so odd and out of place in my older home. But I am sure I will appreciate the energy efficiency of the new one once the winter gas bills start rolling in.

I have already decided I need these to help me make it through winter:
A cute winter bath robe. It is going to be super cold in my little house with it being off the ground and having all wood floors. So a robe is a must. (photos from

I am not much of a slipper person, but I love warm, fuzzy socks. Let's be honest, if your feet are cold then your whole body is going to be cold. So we have to take care of the feet. :-) (photo from

Yes, I do know I live in southern AL and it isn't like we get REAL winter weather. But after our serious summer heat, it does seem cold. My body just doesn't like cold weather. The only consolation is that fall/winter also means boots and cute jackets!


  1. I hope the new one works and is super efficient!!!!

  2. I am NOT ready for the cooler temps. Ekk!

  3. I am not a fuzzy sock gal as I live in my UGGS ... they are SO worn out!!

  4. someone needs to UPDATE! Love ya!