Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 18 of 1001

  •  Update my blog at least once a week - I need to work on making more significant, consistent posts. I want to use my blog as a journal, a digital scrapbook of sorts. 
  • Comment on blogs more regularly

  • Workout 3 times weekly(minimum) - That was a failure this week. I only worked out once.
  • Walk Coach around the neighborhood 3 times a week - We only took one walk this week. Coach is not very good on a leash. I think I end up getting more exercise and end up more exhausted than him. haha
  • Make a weekly menu - DONE!
  • Get at least one couponing deal every week
  • Buy Sunday newspapers at Dollar Tree - twice as many papers/deals - Bought newspapers for me and mom today
  • Call a friend I haven't spoken to recently once a week - I talked to my sweet friend Darlene several times this week!

  • Detail my car once a month
  • Spend one afternoon a month reading at the park
  • Buy 1 Disney movie a month(12 a year) to build my collection - Bought Lion King!

  • Fold and put away all laundry as soon as it is done - So far, so good!
  • Go to sleep with a clean kitchen every night - This is still SUCH a challenge for me. The whole single sink and no dishwasher thing gets to me. I honestly don't mind washing dishes. Too bad I don't have a 3 compartment sink at home like I do at work. haha

  • Decorate for every season, not just Christmas - Fall decor is up!
  • Influence a person to make a 101 in 1001
  • See Paul Overstreet in concert again - Poppa and I went to see the Paul Overstreet and Friends benefit concert for St. Jude's. It was last Monday in Biloxi, MS. It was a good concert but not at all what we expected. We both wanted to see/hear Paul more but he only sang 3 songs. Still a good night of enjoying my Poppa's company. :-)


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