Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ann Rainey - 1 month

I don't even know how it has been over a month since our sweet girl joined our family. What I do know is that our lives have forever been blessed by her arrival and I am so very honored that God entrusted her to us.

Our attempt at 1 month pictures didn't go so well. I think there are more outtakes than "keepers". Or atleast by pinterest standards. But I love them all!
Unhappy little miss.
Life is so hard. ;-)

She had a rare moment of actually taking her paci and keeping it. She rarely keeps it in her mouth for very long. 

We decided right after this picture to give it a break and feed her.

Note to self: If you try to make her happy by feeding her before attempting the pictures again, use a BIG bib. Or you will end up with a splotchy onesie. HA

Daddy bought her this bear. Looking forward to seeing how she grows in comparison to her fuzzy friend.

 I was hoping to get a picture showing her length. She has got such long, lean legs. But she didn't think that was such a good idea. ;-) However, I like that you can see a decent amount of her Bambi bedding that my mom made.

 Aunt Rae gave her this super soft Coca-Cola bear. 

 There is a shot of her long, little legs.

 Sadly, this picture cracks me up. Coach was up on his hind legs looking over the bumper at her. She was watching him but she looks terrified. haha

 Those sweet little lips. 
These next 2 pictures we will call her "time is up" pictures. 
It's like she is looking at her invisible watch and saying, "OK, mom. You're time is up. I'm so beyond done."

 Ann Rainey, you are such a treasure. You eat typically 2-3 oz every few hours. You have had a couple sleepless nights but for the most part, you will sleep for 2 sessions that last about 3 hours. No matter when you go to sleep or how long you stay asleep, you always tend to wake up between 2 and 3AM for a feeding and you get to enjoy some snuggle time with daddy before he leaves for work at 3:30AM. You then usually go back to sleep for a couple of hours before we get up and start our day.
On Wednesday, you only slept for a total of 2 hours from 9AM until 11PM and you ate a lot more, feeding every hour to hour and a half. Thankfully, that night you crashed and we were both able to get some rest. You slept for a 5.5 hour stretch and it worked wonders for both of us!
You are just now starting to really notice colors and shapes.
You and Coach are still a little timid around each other. The other day, you sneezed and your socks flew off your feet and landed on his head(he was sitting right at your feet). He has since been terrified of your sneezes.
You are in size 0 diapers. Your newborn outfits have almost gotten too small for you length-wise. We have started putting 0-3 month clothing on you. They fit you better in length but they seem to swallow you width wise.
You still have the brightest blue eyes. You get your blonde hair and blue eyes from daddy. Your chin comes from mommy.
We are so excited for your first Christmas next week. Mommy has enjoyed introducing you to some of her favorite classic Christmas movies.
You hate bathtime in your little tub but you seem to like baths a lot better in the kitchen sink.
Your favorite diffuser scent is Peppermint and Wild Orange and your Auntie Moses(Winnie) is very proud. Whenever I walk into a room with you where it is diffusing your little nose goes into over drive trying to sniff it and your immediately perk up. It's adorable.
Ann Rainey, we love you SO very much. You are the best Christmas present we have ever been given.