Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It's a "tradition" of sorts in our family to play Marco Polo. Whether it's through text messaging, phone calls or walking through the door to our parents house, we have the tendency to call out "MARCO" to inquire as to who is there and where they are.

No one has called "MARCO" for where I am in the blog world but I am still here. I have actually really missed it. I don't know how consistent I will be but I do plan on blogging to journal and document special memories. Life is good. I am still working as a recruiter for a marine and industrial contracting company. I love my job, the people I work with all along the gulf coast, and that I spend my days getting to help other people find work. It's stressful, but I am beyond grateful. I am still living in Mobile. I have found a church but it is in Pascagoula, MS. It's a little bit of a drive on the interstate but I am enjoying it. I still plan on staying in my women's Bible study group in Mobile when the next class starts.

I adore my family. Nothing has changed there. ;) I am going home this weekend to the beloved BRT to watch a Night of One Acts. D'baby wrote a one act play and will be performing in it.

Coach is still my perfect lil man.

I found out last fall that my eczema is irritated by being allergic to my sweet pup. I can in NO way ever consider getting rid of him. At that point, I had already had him for 3 years. He just got his first summer haircut. He was unsure of the clippers. And not the least bit excited about it. Except note the adorable tongue licking action when he saw I was giving him a treat. Poor thing didn't know what was coming. The shorter hair seems to be helping some of my allergies. Coach looks like a dalmation mix with the shorter hair, black spots everywhere. 

I have spent the last few months with weekends consumed by trips here and there and/or moving. This sweet man now lives in Mobile, so no more 5 hour long distance relationship. Makes me(and my gas budget ha) much happier.

There's my little sum up of life. Is anyone else still out there reading? MARCO....