Sunday, July 27, 2008

7 Reasons Not To Spray Perfume On A Bus

(the events of Saturday) 
1) The person sitting next to you might be allergic
2) Their face might turn purple, they might start to itch all over and they might have trouble breathing
3) Yeah, the guys with the alpha unit might be nice but seriously, who wants to be hooked up to their oxygen machine or heart monitor?
4)Some random man might take a picture of the person who had the allergic reaction while she is hooked up to said machines.
5)The person who had the allergic reaction will have to leave work early and only get to stay for 2 hours of their 9 hour shift. In some cases this might be a good thing but when 5.5 of the 7 hours they missed out on would have been overtime and you calculate how much money was lost... it is NOT a good thing.
6)Poor person with the allergic reaction spent hours laying on the couch with no energy to eat, drink, etc... and eventually ended up throwing up. Yuck
7)Your perfume smelled worse than old lady perfume. Why were you wearing it anyway?

Saturday morning I took the A bus as usual to West Clock parking lot and then got on the Disney VIP Cast Member bus to go to where we clock in. A Chinese girl sitting next to me sprayed her perfume and I asked her to stop. Honestly, I don't think she understood what I was asking because she just laughed and said, "ah, nah nah". She continued to spray it a few more time and then put it up. My face started to itch really bad and then my arms and legs. The 3 minute ride felt like it was 30 minutes. When I got off the bus I headed straight for the Tomorrowland base and clocked in. I figured that once I was out of the bus and breathing in different, clean air that I would be ok. Not the case... My friend Kimberly came up to me and basically dragged me to the manager's office stating that my face was turning purple. At this point I hadn't looked in a mirror and I realized that I was having trouble breathing. So I told the managers what happened and they called the Alpha Unit(Disney's version of paramedics because it sounds less startling to guests). The came about 5 minutes later, gave me some medicine, hooked me up to an oxygen machine and heart monitor. And so there I sat at the base where every Tomorrowland person could see me as they passed by, clocked in, or went on break - no privacy at all. They had me hooked up for who knows how long and during this time some of the head Tomorrowland managers(not just my merch managers) and some of the head Magic Kingdom bigwigs came and checked on me. Quite possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life but THEN it got worse, some random man came and took my picture while I was sitting there miserable and hooked up to the machines. They offered to let me go home but I told them I wanted to atleast try and work. Unfortunately the medicine was making me super sleepy so I eventually went home. And proceeded to lay on the couch and watch the Love Comes Softly movies from about 2pm until who knows when. I will not go into details about the actually "getting sick" part. Sadly enough, I felt slightly better and was so exhausted so I finally fell asleep. Sunday morning I slept in and felt SOOO much better. So there are the details of my lovelySaturday!


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