Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What I'm Watching - TV Shows

Most shows are on their winter break, so I will probably be finding new TV shows to watch during the lull... Or maybe I will just watch more Christmas movies. ;-)

JP and I watch a couple of shows together:
- Walking Dead

- We just started watching Person of Interest

- We just finished watching the mini series North and South. All 3 books. I remember watching them when they came on TV when I was little. We both really liked book 1 and 2 but book 3 really didn't win us over that much. It almost seemed like they were rushed to just wrap it up in some form. We both LOVE history and we are looking for a new mini series to watch either on Netflix instant or to get from them on DVD.

"My" Shows:
- Reign

- Gossip Girl. I had never watched it while it was airing but I am now on the 6th(and final season). I seriously think my favorite thing is their wardrobes.

- Hart of Dixie. Though it isn't filmed in Alabama, it is based outside of Mobile. And as a previous resident of Mobile, I like catching a lot of the references. :-)

- Nashville. I love the music on here. To me, the 2 leads who are supposed to be major country music stars are not the strongest talents. I love the Stella sisters. Their harmonies are too die for. Clare Bowen's voice is also wonderful.

- Revenge

What are your favorite TV shows? Do you prefer to find something that is currently airing and wait to watch it every week or do you like to watch completed series and knock it out?

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  1. I really like Nashville. I also really love Revolution and Scandal.