Saturday, September 3, 2011

Musings of an Old Soul

This image may very well be something I am clinging to right now. But my house will be in order soon. I cannot handle a dirty house. Until then, this will make me feel a tad bit better. haha

Anyone who knows me knows that I was born wrong time period. I love all things vintage and the style of music I listen to and movies I watch reflect my old soul. It makes me ridiculously giddy! I seriously wish I could design clothes and sew because my wardrobe would be 40s-60s feminine chic. No lie
 If only I could pull off outfits like this...
I've spent entirely too long browsing Patterns from the Past looking for patterns.

I'm pretty sure that is enough picture overload. For now. But seriously, I want a wardrobe like this.
Ok, so maybe it needs a bit of modernizing but I love the overall feminine shapes and forms. 
 I kind of like the coats of the 60s better though. Yes, I know I am weird. I don't care if I look ridiculous. Atleast I will be classy, feminine and modest. I will make this happen. :-) In fact, I am going to be re-doing my 101 in 1001 goals and that might be one of them!

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  1. You need to go to Grandmommie's and look through her old patterns... I think you might find some of these there!