Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy is an understatement

Here is a quick recap of the hours I have worked last week and what this week looks like. I feel like this needs to be documented for posterity and so when I wonder where my summer went I have written proof that it went... along with my sanity. ;)

CS - Craft Services catering for a movie shooting here in Mobile
CK - my caregiver job
YDB - My "full-time" job

Last week -
MONDAY - YDB 8a-4p, CK 7p-7a
TUESDAY - YDB 10a-12p(I wasn't schedule to work but someone called in), CS 5:30-6:30p, CK 7p-7a
WEDNESDAY - CS 11-12, Lunch with honey, I was going to workout but I have ZERO energy
THURSDAY - YDB 8a-4p, workout
FRIDAY - YDB 3-7, Dinner at Honey's with my family and Cars 2 for Momma's birthday :)
SATURDAY -  Yard work at Justin's grandparents and then at his mom's new house, YDB 6-11pm
SUNDAY - YDB 11a-9p
Total hours: 37 at YDB, 24 at CK and 2 for CS

This week
MONDAY - YDB 8a-4p, workout
TUESDAY - CS  7-11am, CK 7p-7a
WEDNESDAY - CS (not sure what hours), workout
THURSDAY - YDB 8a-4p, dinner with Honey and D, workout?
FRIDAY - YDB 3-11p
SATURDAY - YDB 10a-3p, CK 7p-7a
SUNDAY - YDB 11a-3p, CK 7p-7a

So there you have it, I am keeping very busy and sleeping when I can. :)
This morning I had to sign my first ever film/media disclosure statement. It's a fun little job but I can't really talk much about it, which is a bit of a bummer. I also had to sign a paper saying that I will not be financially compensated in the event that I am "accidentally filmed and included in the film".


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