Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Money Isn't Everything

I got a call Friday morning from someone I had worked with during my days with the electrical company this past November and December. I was offered a really great opportunity, an electrician apprenticeship. The money would have been great, almost twice what I am making now plus per diem because the job is in Morgan City, LA.  I spent my day at work struggling through work, trying to get my tasks done while still thinking through the offer. As tempting as the opportunity was, I did not take it.
My first hang up was that the project was to start within 5 days. I have never been a fan of burning bridges. I couldn't leave my job at YDB without giving a 2 weeks notice. I would have felt horrible about it. I also couldn't leave my caregiver job, putting not only the company but the lady I sit with in a lurch. Another issue I had was that the person who called me about the job wasn't going to be on location for this project. In construction it is beyond hard to be a woman and be taken seriously. I want to learn and grow but if I go into a new place with completely different coworkers and supervisors, I would be starting over at square one. And as a female, I also need to know that people have my back.
I am also supposed to be helping my baker/manager SayLiz(I started to call her by her initials SMH but every time I look at it I think of Shake My Head and that's just not going to work. haha) with a catering job for a movie that is shooting here in Mobile. I would have put her in a bind at YDB and for the catering if I left. I have another post on SayLiz. She has not only been an amazing person to work with/for but she has become my mentor, friend and confidant. She's pretty much awesome. :)
My biggest reason for turning down the job? I feel like I am finally achieving some normalcy in my life since leaving Trevor. I love my little house and being with Coach. I enjoy my jobs. I have goals(personally, financially and physically) and I want to achieve them. Financially I would have been able to achieve my goals faster but at what cost? The thought of uprooting myself, living on the road and out of hotels, making good money for a few weeks and praying there is another contract to go to after that so that I don't go unemployed and plow through all the money I just made... it just doesn't seem worth it. I would rather stay where I am, making less money, and have things stay consistent. Physically, I know that if I would be back tracking if I went back to the hotel living lifestyle. It is so much harder to eat healthy and be motivated to workout. I have made SUCH good progress(post coming soon!) and I want to keep moving forward, not backtrack.
While the money was tempting, it just wasn't something I had a peace about or felt like I could justify. Money does help things out but it isn't everything to me. I think taking the job would have come at much too high a cost.


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