Thursday, August 25, 2011

My "New" Little Home Sweet Home

In May I moved into my little Midtown Manor. HA. It is a little 1 bedroom duplex. It is old and has a lot of character. I haven't even finished organizing everything or making it homey. It's definitely a work in progress but I will post pictures as I go. There are hardwood flooring throughout with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom.

The Living Room
The Dining Room
It is tiny. Which is the understatement of the year. See that dinosaur of an air conditioner? Well, it only works on high and it is super duper old with no energy efficiency. Which would explain my $201.66 power bill for June... Absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say, Big Bertha stays off the majority of the time.
The kitchen is small but I love the built-in cabinet to the right. The washing maching goes on the other side of the fridge. Through the doorway in the back there is the hot water heater and dryer. It provides some room for storage but I am still working on trying to maximize the space to its potential. To the right, the wood "counter top" you see if the only counter top space I have. The sink is a single farmhouse style sink.
The hall closet is large and provides some much needed storage.
My bathroom is small. Somehow I did not manage to take any pictures of the shower but that will have to come later. Because the house is old there is no counter top space and the only cabinet space is there on the right(see the door?)I am really not sure what I was thinking when I took the pictures of the bedroom. There are 4 windows, the 2 there facing the backyard and 2 on the right hand side. It is a moderate sized bedroom so maneuvering my furniture into it was interesting but has been accomplished.

This is the bedroom closet. Thank goodness for the large hall closet. Could you imagine any female trying to fit her hanging clothes into this lil thing? ;-)Here is the backyard. Coach LOVES having a backyard after being in an apartment. It is large and shaded. Only down side is that I share it with my neighbor.
Well, welcome to my humble abode. It is old and it has some issues but it is mine. I am on my own and can afford to live by myself which feels like a major accomplishment after this past year. I finally have a space of my own, a peace of mind and feel like things are coming together.


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