Saturday, October 26, 2013

I married my best friend!

On October 23, 2013, I married my best friend and became Mrs. JP.

We had a small and intimate ceremony at The Secret Garden in Orlando. Gary and Marti are an excellent team and I am so thankful that they helped create our perfect day. It was exactly what we wanted.

We planned our wedding a few months ago. Our immediate family and some of our close friends knew of our plans but for the most part we kept it quiet. Eloping was the best idea ever. No stress or worry and I still had a perfect wedding to my sweetheart.

My sweet friends, Viadly and Dara, that I met 5 years ago while working at Disney came for our special day.




  1. I know I already told you congrats on instagram, but I can't help but spread the love here. You love so happy and beautiful in these photos, and I love that you decide to elope in Florida. Wishing you two the best life together!!