Sunday, September 8, 2013

Year 25

Year 25 (due to not having a consistent computer or camera, please bare with all the iphone pictures!)

I started my first women's Bible study at FBNM. I was the youngest person in there by atleast 10 years but I quickly fell in love with that group of women. We did Beth Moore's Esther study.
The week after my 25th birthday, I headed to the Clegg family vacation in Tennessee. Dinner shows, Titanic museum, hiking, fresh mountain air and everyone but Rachel was able to come.

 Me and my Winceline. 
 Best parents a girl could ever ask for
 Baby Moses/Winnie/Winceline/Wincebarb
 My peanut
 Me, Winnie and D'Lynn outside of the Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Show
 Me and my D'baby. This girl is my mini me, my heart. She's got the biggest, gentlest heart and I love her to pieces

Somehow, I don't have the pictures of the car museum or any of my pictures with Heather or Joshua.

While we were in Pigeon Forge we celebrated Caleb's 13th birthday. 
 Ya'll this kid is such a ham. Probably the product of being the youngest of 7 kids in a family that definitely is not lacking in personality. 

In September, Heather and I drove to New Orleans to go see Legally Blonde the musical at the Theatre where Rachel worked. 
 We met up with Rachel at a Mexican restaurant beforehand for some much needed sister time over chips and salsa.

I went to Bayfest with Dara and my "siblings". This was taken at the Luke Bryan concert.

Heather and I drove home to Brandon for the day to take Clegg Family pictures. We haven't had family pictures taken in years. Literally.

Emily Tate did such a wonderful job of capturing our family. I will cherish these pictures forever!

 Heather and I dove into Mom's old tshirts... and a ridiculous assortment of scrunchies ala 90s. 
 Mexican date with my favorite.

I went home for 2 long weekends over Christmas and New Years. Much needed time with my family and dearest friends. 


January is kind of a blur. On January 14th, I was on my way home from work. It was getting dark fast during rush hour traffic and just started drizzling. I had just come to a complete stop when a guy rear ended me at 35-40 mph. Crushing me between his SUV and the SUV in front of me.

I had been driving Heather's Corolla and Winnie had my Echo back home. The trunk was in the backseat of the car. My air bag didn't deploy and the seat belt didn't lock. I bit the steering wheel. Hard. I was out of work for a month due to injuries, the biggest being a 24/7 throbbing headache. 

I started my second Bible study, Beth Moore's David.

Lil man Coach and I were able to spend some much needed time at home while I was recovering. 

My "normals" came to visit me for the weekend. The plan was for the beach but it was one of the coldest weekends we had all "winter".

I went home the first weekend in March to see Poppa and siblings in Fiddler on the Roof

I donated my hair. 

We went camping on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

 Poppa made his famous cobbler.


My cup runneth over. People who know us Cleggs well know that we are all different and unique... But we are all absolutely alike. I can't thank God more for blessing me with 6 siblings. I am the person I am because of each of you. Y'all aren't just my siblings but you are my best friends. Who else is that blessed?!  happy siblings day!! Love you all a million sour skittles... Or a million Reese's Easter eggs.... Or both. "Put togethah" we are pretty fantastic.

The normals came for another beach visit. It was definitely better weather that time.

This sweet lil man celebrated 4 years with me.

I went to New Orleans for the weekend to join BRYTE on their trip. We went to a youth play at the Theatre Rachel used to work at and then spent the next day exploring the French Quarter.

My mom with one of the hats in the prop room. So precious!

I went with the Rockin and Rollin crew to the drag strip in MS.

It was good Honey time.

We also went down to Florabama to catch the tail end of Mullet Toss... no pun intended.

Honey and Colin

I bought my first ever new car. Meet Lola!


Another weekend trip to New Orleans to visit Grandmommy and have some girl time shopping with my mom, Rachel, my Aunt Linda, my cousin Val and her kids.
Me and Val
 My sweet KK
 Momma love
 My EmmyLou

 More momma love
My D'baby

This sweet guy drove 5 hours to spend the day with me. One of the best days of my life. At that point, we hadn't seen each other in 2.5 years.

Winnie's graduation

It's almost impossible to get him to take a "normal" picture.
But I won. ;)

 My grandmommy, the kindest, sweetest, most gracious person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Lots of hiking, climbing and exploring going on in North and Lower Alabama.


Had a road traveling weekend with these 2 fellas. We went to MS on Friday night to see D'Lynn in Cheaper By The Dozen. Then drove to Gadsden to spend the weekend with Johnathan's mom.
 My sweet Thespian with her happy.
 We do date nights different than most people and I love it! Trails, old cemeteries, huge live oak tree, Chinese takeout, action movie and Bible study.

Caleb came and spent the weekend with me.


Steak N Shake
then a movie night

That Saturday we went to the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum(more pictures of that to come).


I went to Gadsden for JP's family reuinion.

JP adopted Belle

Went to Brandon for A Night of One Acts

 This sweet man asked me to spend forever with him.

"...I found the one my heart loves." Song of Solomon 3:4
I love you (this) much, because when two fists come together, it's the size of our heart. And I love you with all my heart


 JP's birthday dinner at Pintoli's.
 Happy Birthday, JP!!!

 Felix's Fish Camp
JP's mom came to Visit. We spent her last night here playing mini golf, enjoying some TCBY and going to The Wharf in Orange Beach.

Here's to Year 26. :) I think it's going to be a wonderful year!


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