Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Having a Moment

Or rather 30 minutes to an hour.
I seriously just spent entirely too much time looking for the jeans that I had gathered this morning. I looked all over my bedroom, the bathroom, everywhere downstairs... even in Rachel's bedroom, knowing I hadn't been in there at all today.
Guess where they were... IN THE WASHING MACHINE. CLEAN. Yes. Here I am looking for my jeans because I needed to get them washed, frantically trying to find them and I had already washed them.
I can hear my mom chuckling right now, with that look on her face that is reserved only for my "Ashley moments". And if she was here she would probably pat my head and say "Bless your heart, baby". Can you tell that these moments happen way more often than they should? Haha

Mom, I love you!
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  1. Ha ha! I'm glad you found them!!! :-)

  2. Oops... I was chuckling as I read about your moment but is was the chuckle of a kindred spirit that can so relate.

    Love the new blog design. Your friend did an awesome job!!