Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our State Fair

When I think of State Fairs, I immediately think of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical versions. I own both and love both. Granted, state fairs are no longer what they used to be in the glory days but I still love them. The rides, the food(or at least smelling the food), the atmosphere. Once again, I realize I was just born in the wrong time period. ;)

Last night, I took my 14 year old brother, Josh, and 2 of his friends to the fair.

I felt so honored that Josh thought I was cool enough to hang out with his friends. Honestly, they were hilarious, awkward, goofy teenage boys. Teenagers have changed so much in the past 10 years. Honestly, it freaks me out to know what other kids are doing and know that my brothers and sisters are growing up in a world where such ungodliness and worldliness is readily accepted. We opted out of a ride because a group of teenagers in front of us would not stop cussing and were having thoroughly inappropriate conversations in mixed company. It was refreshing to see that there are still "good" kids out there and that my brother and his friends chose to walk away from it.

 D'Lynn went to the fair with her friend Megan and her family but Megan got sick. So Dee joined us and saved me from the boys. ;)

I have been horrible about taking pictures. Last night I went with good intentions of taking pictures but I didn't even pull out my camera until the last ride, the Ferris Wheel.

 This picture describes Harrison to a T. Honest.
 Josh proclaimed that the Ferris Wheel was so boring he could fall asleep.
 Josh and his "I am only taking this picture because my big sister is making me" smile.
I decided to poke Josh. At least he had a genuine smile and laugh going on in this picture. Note the Clegg nose wrinkle and his serious need of a haircut. ;)
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  1. Ashley, thank you for taking the boys. They all had a great time!