Monday, June 23, 2008

Greetings from Orlando

Greetings from the beautiful, wonderful, happiest place on earth(aka, Walt Disney World). We have been here a week and a half.
Our new apartment is beyond nice. I have been taking full advantage of the pool and fitness room. I am working in Tomorrowland Merchandise at the Magic Kingdom. There has been some talk about transferring me to Studios after the summer - which would be nice because the hours are SO much better! But I have second thoughts about it. Though Studios is my favorite park because of it's theming, I love Magic Kingdom and I work with some of the most amazing people. We will see how God leads in this situation.

We have been working for a little over two weeks and we love it! Training was somewhat monotonous but when I actually got to get out on stage, in my lovely costume ;), it was amazing. I get to be a part of the pixie dust experience by helping make the magic possible. I love being able to make people smile and knowing that I will be a part of their wonderful Disney memories. I even made it into a few pictures! 

On our days off we are enjoying playing in the parks and taking advantage of the resorts. Trevor and I both had today off and went to Animal Kingdom for the morning and early afternoon. We didn't see everything but it was nice to know we could go in for a few hours and leave. Trevor keeps reminding me that we have 7 months here but I can't help but want to fully enjoy every minute of it!

We are about to head to Downtown Disney to take in a movie but I just wanted to update my blog (even though it is just you reading, Heather). :) Pictures to come from our adventures this afternoon.


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